Monday, August 23, 2010


Assalamualaikum..we meet again after a long time..
today I learned an interesting topic which is SMILES.Firstly you have to smile..nice!!!ok now I will tell you what SMILES is about.

SMILES is Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry System.It is widely used and computationally efficient.We can use atomic symbols and a set of intuitive rules.
here some drawing using SMILES.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Drawing Simple and Complex Structures

Assalamualaikum.We meet again.I promised to show the simple and complex structures.
Now i present u the drawing.

From this chapter i learned on how to draw atoms,bonds
(single,double,triple,wedges,coordination,undefined and Markush)as well as labels and polymers.

This is the drawing of simple structure

I have learned the basic of structure drawing as have shown above.Now I want to show the complexs structures.

ok.thats all for now.I have to go now...I need to read UNGS because I might have quiz tomorrow..see u soon=)


Last week I had learned on how to draw some graphical objects during KOS subjects.It was an interesting learning as I could draw structures that I learned in theory.Its really hard because I had to read the long guidelines before I can start drawing.

Here I show u the drawing which i draw with all my strength.Stay up at night to make sure no erros occur and I hope to make a prefect drawing.

1)Drawing the Energy of Reaction Diagram

2)Drawing Different Kinds Of Orbitals

3)Drawing Vacuum Distillation Apparatus

4)Drawing a two chain DNA strand

5)Drawing the lipid

Thats all for now.I know its look difficult to do but actually its not to hard as u imagine.we just need determination and our dream will come true.Ill show the simple and complex structure for the next post..

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

3D macromolecule

im glad to be here again..
Last week lecture, mdm linda had taught us on how to get information from Protein Data Bank(PDB).

From that website i could get some informations about protein molecules and see them in 3D..

Today i would like to introduce you one molecule from protein group which is serine..
Here i share with you the 3D molecule of serine.

Author: Ramboarina, S., Garnett, J.A., Zhou, M., Li, Y., Peng, Z., Taylor, J.D., Lee

Molecule:Fimbriae-associated protein Fap1
Length:81 Chains: A
Fragment:UNP RESIDUES 196-276

The serine-rich repeat (SRR) family of fimbriae play important roles in the pathogenesis of streptococci and staphylococci. Despite recent attention, their finer structural details and precise adhesion mechanisms have yet to be determined

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Journey of my life

Alhamdulillah..i think i like this place..away from city which could make me headache everyday...
i feel like in heaven(actually not so much).trees are around me and i can feel the fresh air..ahh peaceful..1st time i see this place i know that i will lost my weight..this place are so wide and the buildings are far from each other..even the nearest cafe are quite far from mahallah..walking to the cafe is an exercise for me..fuh! i dont have to exercise every evening.. better i wash my clothes..
luckily my class start at 11 everyday so i dont have to rush early in the morning but i have to prepare half an hour early to catch up bus which will bring me to the kulliyyah of science..
overall i like to be in this place International Islamic University Malaysia Kuantan..this is my 1st experience as university student an also a blogger hehe..